Kindergarten and Early Elementary

Students in our Kindergarten and Early Elementary program are in a mixed-age classroom with an emphasis on independence, cooperative work, and academics. This classroom also has key curriculum areas but with more complex materials and activities. The classroom is equipped with its own kitchen, a second language room, and music programs.

• Students from the ages of 5 to 9 years
• One classroom with approximately 20-25 students
• This program offers only a 5 full day or a 5 school day option.
• Students are to to bring their own lunch and snacks. An optional lunch plan is offered for families.
• Daily or weekly Spanish language classes offered.

The school may select a few older Preschool (3-6) program students to enroll in this classroom depending on availability. Older Preschool program students who are excellent role models in their classroom is just one of the criteria the school will look at in the selection.