Our Beginnings

 Wonder Montessori School was founded by Peter and Gwen Ku in October of 1993. Peter and Gwen both have a passion for education and received their bachelors and master’s degrees in education. While Peter went on to pursue a career in business, Gwen received further educational training in the Montessori curriculum. After working in various Montessori schools, Gwen desired to open a school that would provide a quality Montessori education to a population reflective of today’s diverse society. Peter joined Gwen in her pursuit and soon after, Wonder Montessori School was formed.

Wonder Montessori School began with two preschool classrooms located in its present building at 5644 North Pulaski Road. In 2000, at the request of several parents, the school expanded to offer an Early Elementary program.

In 2010, Wonder purchased the flower shop next door to the current school building and began construction soon after. Two years later, the school opened it's Toddler and Two’s program. After seeing the demand for Montessori infant care, in 2015, the school opened an Infant and Toddler program in the new building.

Currently, Wonder Montessori School is composed of two buildings. One building is devoted to the school’s Preschool 3-6 program and the second building includes the school’s Infant, Toddler, and Kindergarten and Early Elementary programs. The school presently has a large indoor gym/multipurpose room, an enclosed play lot, a garden area, and is next door to a recently remodeled Chicago Park District playground. Once construction is fully completed, the school will have more green space, an enclosed outdoor area for our younger students, a finished exterior front, and a finished parking lot.